Welcome to Leave Scheduler, an easy-to-use, web-based employee leave management system. Reduce time and eliminate paperwork while keeping detailed records of who, when and for what reason employees take leave. Set up supervisor accounts to handle the day-to-day approval process, or forward the request to an administrator for further review. Run a quick report or do detailed, end-of-year reports for accounting. Quickly see who is taking leave from the consolidated Calendar!

Leave Scheduler Features:

  • LeaveScheduler automates leave requests, administration, and accounting.
  • Eliminates paper forms.
  • Employees initiate leave requests from any web-browser at work or at home.
  • Supervisors approve leave requests while viewing leave balances and leave history.
  • The system organizes leave and personnel policies online.
  • Manages multiple Leave Types, policies and accruals (vacation, sick, emergency, professional, without pay, etc.)
  • Accrued time is calculated automatically on a monthly or yearly basis, depending on Leave Type.
  • Accruals can be calculated by leave type, contract period, work day, lunch period, etc.
  • Multi-tiered approval process.
  • Displays a master calendar of holidays with a consolidated calendar of who is on leave.
  • Accommodates multiple campuses.
  • Reports are available for personnel files.
  • Can be customized for your unique requirements.
Leave Scheduler Walkthrough
Screenshot of Calendar

Employees can quickly see when holidays occur as well as their own leave, and Administrators can view a consolidated list of Employees who are taking leave.